Made With Love Pregnancy Loss Massage

1.5 Hours

A time in life where a woman can feel a deep loss, stress, and emotional pain placing a great impact on one’s mental, emotional and physical state, regardless of the stage of pregnancy a loss of a child is a loss and emotional healing takes time. Beautiful Bellies pregnancy loss massage is a tranquil, relaxing and nurturing

massage that combines various techniques to help realign your sacral energies and physical body assisting in grounding you and allow space for you to release stored emotions.

A gentle, natural, and non-invasive massage that is suitable to assist with cramps, pains and aches. Soothing out all your concern areas to make you feel rested,

grounded and aligned with your body again. This massage will help to release the excess uterine blood and tissue that may have been left behind after your pregnancy loss or your Dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure, assisting your body with recovery along with allowing for a healthy regular menstrual cycle, and restore your fertility.

A post-pregnancy loss massage will help you by reducing labour pain, aches, tension, bodily pain, backaches, cramps. We know that emotional support is needed just as much if not more than the physical support at this time, At Beautiful Bellies we incorporate an individualised Naturopathic flower essences therapy for you to assist you with your healing journey.

Our aim is to relax and calm the body, mind and spirit while holding nurturing space for you at this time.

Intuitive body work

Emotional realising current energy block

Flower essence therapy

Reflexology therapy

One hour full body and womb massage therapy