Pregnancy Energy Healing

Pregnancy is a unique experience – with it comes transitions, changes, and with most women challenges to the physical body. In the years that I have been practicing Energy Healing, I’ve talked to a number of women about the benefits of prenatal healing and how this ancient art of healing heals, strengthens, and how the clearing of the energies has made their pregnancy journey a more meaningful experience.

Energy work is a gentle way to clear any negative emotions, assist with physical imbalances and bring the body back into balance, allowing the client to feel secure and calm with deep relaxation throughout her pregnancy.


reiki during pregnancy

Prenatal Energy Healing helps pregnant women manage the changes in their bodies, all while keeping them connected to their babies, feeling of calmness, control, and grounding as their bodies change.

What is Prenatal Energy Healing?

Energy healing for pregnant women? Is that really a thing?

I’ve been asked several times if pregnant women should get Energy work done, I think there is no better time to work on clearing out stored emotional trauma, rebalancing your energy fields and stepping closer to your guides at this point in time, this will allow you to feel calmness, grounding and positive about your changes taking place within your body.  All physical symptoms stems from trauma stored in your body, when you peel back the layers of these energies, releasing the stored traumas and unbalanced energies you allow for physical symptoms to reduce and sometimes disappear. A lot of stored energy is located in your hips ladies.


reiki during pregnancy

The Benefits of Energy Rebalancing During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is unique and diverse. One mother’s experience may be different from another’s. However, my experience with working with pregnant women has helped me understand one thing – pregnancy does not come without challenges and sometimes a bit of stress.

Energy Rebalancing and releasing can assist with easing pregnancy Symptoms

The art of Energy rebalancing and healing allows you to gain back peace and calmness. A session makes it possible for you to get in touch with your body and cope with the ever-changing symptoms better. It helps with allowing you to appreciate this beautiful, magical experience that’s happening inside you, allowing you to be more present, positive, and connected with your pregnancy, while you know your stepping into motherhood with positive, rebalanced energy, releasing the old and creating new.

Strengthening the Mother-Child Bond.

The healing that comes with releasing energetic trauma is holistic—it envelopes an entire person, including the baby. Whenever I have a healing session with pregnant mumma’s, they always express that they feel like their babies are responding to the treatment through their movements.

reiki during pregnancy

 Providing Emotional Release

It’s normal to feel numerous emotions throughout a pregnancy journey. However, you know when some emotions are temporary and unexplainable, while some are much deeper and real. You’ve probably heard that your baby feels what you feel, so it’s extra important to take care of your emotional health. So if you’ve been feeling various negative emotions, such as feeling overwhelmingly unready, not good enough, resistant to change, extremely anxious, or insecure.

Maybe you’re feeling disconnected from yourself. Maybe unresolved issues with your inner child are coming up even now. In some cases, where there are deeper levels of emotions that could make you feel constantly angry, resentful, or other emotions.

It’s helpful to clear them from your emotional field and release these emotions gently so you can feel better and so can your little baby while maintaining a nurturing environment for your baby to grow in.

And for some expectant mothers who are naturally highly sensitive energetically or are more empathic, keep in mind that some of these negative emotions might not be yours, but rather the emotions you may be absorbing from others around you.

So if you’ve noticed that you have a natural tendency to absorb other people’s emotions or their energy, you may want to take even further steps toward caring for your own energy levels and emotional health.

Energy healing Prepares Mothers for Childbirth

Energy healing strengthens moms-to-be. One of the biggest benefits of prenatal energy rebalancing is that it gives the mother additional physical and emotional strength. With energy work, moms can get a renewed understanding of their physical, and emotional challenges. Through this work,  moms get more in tune with their bodies, making them feel in control, and supporting mothers-to-be so that they are empowered to face childbirth with more love, presence, and confidence.

Is Prenatal Energy work Safe? How Is It Done?

If you’re an expectant mom, perhaps you’ll be wondering “How is it done?” One of the common questions pregnant women have about this work is how it’s actually done.

The session begins with the mom-to-be in her most comfortable position. Some, in their early trimester, prefer to lie on their back for treatment. Pregnant clients have the option to follow the position they’re most comfortable with, which is usually on their side, with pillow support to allow for deep relaxation, mid consultation I will assist you onto your other side allowing for optimal blood flow and comfort.

Unlike massages, Energy healing does not focus on muscles, so you won’t have to worry about physical complications after the treatment. A qualified Energy healer practitioner uses a gentle, hands-on technique, laying their hands softly on specific areas of your body to invite natural healing. Pregnant women interested in Energy work don’t have to worry about safety as it is one of the rare forms of therapy that is 100% safe to receive and the treatment is gentle yet effective. Most of my prenatal energy-supported clients say they are able to get some deep, quality sleep during our sessions too!

reiki during pregnancy

Prenatal Energy Rebalancing Benefits: Even Your Baby Will Recieve the healing as well.

As an advanced energetic practitioner, I always find it astounding when mothers tell me they can feel their babies react and respond to the treatment. They say that babies feel their mothers’ stress – the same is true when the mother feels all relaxed and pampered. The healing energy from a healing session can help soothe, calm, and relax unborn babies, too.

In my experience, babies who are used to Energy treatments while in the womb tend to respond well to treatments received after they’re born.

Can It Help To Improve Your Pregnancy Experiences?

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful physical and spiritual experiences, going through so many changes and adjustments. Being in a state of relaxation and calmness will have a positive long-term impact on your body, your mind and your pregnancy experience.

Energy work can assist with clearing out old negative emotions, and generational trauma that may be stored in your womb and the overall rebalancing of your energy fields can and will have a big impact on your overall thoughts, physical symptoms and how you see and create your environment.

Can It help? 100% it can….