Postpartum Care

The postnatal period refers to the first six weeks after your baby is born however I do believe this chapter in a women’s life can Spain out for over 12 months.

It’s a time of many emotional and physical changes and challenges that can occur, as you settle into a new rhythm of life and learn to care for your newborn and family.
Support around this time is vital for any new mum, our aim is to support, nurture, and provide you with optimal health that will sustain you and your family’s wellbeing.

A new mum’s nutritional needs are highest when recovering from birth and pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Having expert advice on how to best achieve this is one less thing to worry about. Herbal medicine and nutraceutical supplementation may also assist with breastmilk production and quality, ensuring your baby’s nutritional needs are fully met.

Your Postpartum care may involve:

  • Recovery and healing, such as uterus returning to normal size, tears or cesarean section incision healing
  • Breastmilk production and quality
  • Reducing baby’s reaction to breastmilk, colic, or reflux
  • Ensuring adequate growth of baby
  • Fatigue, boosting energy
  • Emotional support, including anxiety, postnatal depression, low mood
  • Prevention and treatment of mastitis
  • Cracked and sore nipples
  • Blood loss
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Stress reduction
  • Belly and skin rejuvenation
  • Reduction of reactions to your milk from your breastfeeding baby
  • Have a more settled baby

Becoming a Newborn mum requires a village of people to support you so you can learn, relax, trust and enjoy motherhood, this means putting you first by making sure your cup is full, nourished, and supported. This in return will allow you to focus on bonding with your baby and family while enjoying this new chapter of your life.

Your third and ongoing appointment is normally a 30-minute consultation, where we will review your progress and make any necessary adjustments. These consultations can also address any further supplementation required along with addressing any other health issues and adjusting dietary/ lifestyle changes as we go.

Depending on your individual treatment, follow-up reassessment & wellness consultations may be recommended at 4-12 week intervals. The long-term aim is to progress you to a wellness maintenance plan, with less frequent consultations.

So that I can best assess your needs please bring with you any recent blood test results or other test results. If you do not have copies usually your doctor will be able to post or email a copy out to you. if you don’t have any pathology reports that completely fine as well, we can address this in our first consultation.

Taking note of or bringing in any medications and supplements that you are taking will also help in determining your treatment plan for you.

Together with a comprehensive consultation, Wild Oak’s commitment to clients in achieving optimal health incorporates the utilisation of physical examination & functional pathology testing where necessary.

Functional pathology testing may be used to investigate functional, biochemical, nutritional, metabolic & hormonal status. Relevant pathology testing provides an accurate & comprehensive view for each case, where we create your treatment plan suited to your individual results. Where possible, functional pathology testing may be discussed with your practitioner during your consultation. If this is something you would like to discuss, please contact us.


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