Ashati/ Alsemia/ Reiki/ – Energy Healing

60 Minutes | $85

Claire Ayres is a qualified Reiki, Alsemia and Ashati Master energy healer who is able to see and feel energy, including the auric field, frequencies of light, the chakras, and energy lines in, and around the body. With a love of channelling Ashanti Reiki, seeing and witnessing the energetic and vibrational shifts occurring in the energy system and what can occur for the client after the session in their environment.

​This energy practice is a beautiful, white light frequency of energy that soothes, heals and balances the clients energy. Reiki is a method of channelling very high vibrations of energy to support the chakra system, reconnect to life force, shift heavy energy, clear ‘stuck’ energy and cleanse the auric field. Reiki also helps to reinforce boundaries, trust in self and communication.

Ashati/ Alsemia healing is an energy healing technique that is both gentle and powerful, helping to elevate the suffering of the mind, body and soul. Ashati Reiki is a wonderful way of promoting self-love, self-sovereignty and re-alignment. There is no danger in receiving energy healing, and no religion associated with it. It is a pure modality of healing that is very safe and loving to the soul. Reiki re-awakens the soul, expanding consciousness and intuition.

Ashati/ Alsemia healing is wonderful for people who feel drained, out of balance, unsettled and ungrounded. Reiki is wonderful at creating a sense of calm-strength, inner peace and softness. It is a way that you can support yourself, and your precious energy. Reiki is a way of coming home to self. Reiki is an energetic transmission held within a safe and sacred container of Angellic energy, filled with love, grace and compassion.

​This energy practice will help you if your spirit is craving some rest, rejuvenation and nurturing. Especially after stressful experiences, when your central nervous system needs a little TLC.

Be kind to yourself and book in today!

Calling in our guides for assistance

With each session, I connect in with your guides and mine, along with the required energy guides and masters to allow to me have a better understanding of your needs for your session and any messages needed to be past on, we work together in the interest of your higher good, allowing you optimal healing both on a physical but also on a emotional and energetic level. At the end of our session I thank your guides, and any masters Ive called in for the assisting us to achieve the desired outcome needed, we then detach our connection, and I place a cleansing protection around you and I.


Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki, pronounced “Ray Key”, meaning life force energy, corresponds to both a specific vibrational range, linked to the energy of the Earth element. It is often experienced as heat or cold, and forms the base through which other healing energies can work.

Ashati Energy healing

Ashati is a multilevel, step by step healing and reconnection journey back to your true and higher self, its own knowledge, perceptions and natural gifts, and its ability to simply and directly experience, feel and know the truth beyond our physical reality and our physical senses. It will naturally help to trigger and speed up deep emotional, mental and sometimes physical healing, let go of false limitations and restrictive influences, reconnect you energetically and directly to higher levels within your own consciousness, and much more.

Alsemia Energy Healing

Alsemia is centred on the physical body and it’s health, balance and development. Alsemia is also about physical ascension: the elevation of the body’s vibration. Alsemia energy works directly on a person’s natural energetic make-up, connecting their being to higher dimensions and their energies. The higher Alsemia energies (levels 5-12) works through the subconscious and brings you into alignment with your higher self.

Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini heals and invigorates the body, reduces stress levels and can be done in parallel with other medical treatments. Kundalini reiki is a great way to overcome certain difficulties related to feelings and emotions, sexual issues, grounding or even lower chakra issues.

Cosmic Fire

Working with a team of higher dimensional angelic beings to bring in powerful healing energies from the higher realms.


Claire soon realised healing comes in may different forms, physical, emotional and spiritual. When she became a Naturopath she soon realised that stored trauma in the body presents as disease states and true long term healing comes from the energetic releasing of these stored emotions, energy work is essential in true healing.


Claire Ayres is our skilled and experienced massage therapist of over ten years, with a special interest in Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum massage, and woman’s health.

Claire is a qualified Naturopath, Western Herbalist and Nutritionist.

Trained as an advanced energetic practitioner, receiving the highest levels of training in many modalities including Reiki, Kundalini Reiki as well Ashati and Alsemia System healing. Completing her studies with Ashati Institute of Energy Healing.

Claire is also a qualified in clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Quantum Healing Practitioner.


“I love the Space and Claire’s calming and nurturing energy, she is very knowledgeable and has a very powerful spiritual presents. I loved my time with her, will definitely be back and will recommend to my friends.” Tanya

“Claire was exactly what I needed! Her calming and gentle way really made a difference to my day after my first reiki session. I look forward having more sessions with her in the future!” Danica

“I went in feeling so flat, drained and closed down, and walked out feeling alive and open to the world again. Thank you for the energy and guidance as always x” Sara

“Claire is a beautiful soul who is very good with healing and making you feel very comfortable. I have had 3 amazing Reiki healing sessons, they will not be my last. Highly recommend her!” Louise

“Was an excellent Ashanti/ Reiki session with Claire and I would recommend her services to anyone. I could feel she had shifted blocked and stagnant energy and I couldn’t be happier. She is very professional, warm and welcoming and has a beautiful energy.” Michelle

“Claire is lovely and is very calm and professional. Her work is amazing and I felt great after leaving my first Reiki healing session. She explained everything clearly before the healing started. After the session was done, Claire explained everything that went on during the session with me. I know this will help me immensely with clearing my chakra blocks. Thank-you very much xx.” Tracey