Bacterial Vaginosis Naturopathic Treatment Plan Ebook


When supporting my clients with nutritional supplements for BV I aim to support the immune response and
gut health while using an internal vaginal suppository to eradicate the infection, improve the immune system
response to the pathogen and protect the individual from repeated infection, we want to reduce inflammation
and oxidation, support and improve the integrity of the mucous membranes in the reproductive tract, recolonise
and support gastrointestinal and reproductive microecology and to provide symptomatic relief from pain,
discharge and discomfort.

Our BV Ebook contains dietary treatments and recommendations to help overcome Bacterial Vaginosis.




Overgrowth of certain microbes or an imbalance of bacteria usually causes vaginal infections or diseases.
Depending on the kind of infection, this can lead to changes in vaginal discharge, more discharge than normal,
unusual smells, itching, and pain when urinating.

The main culprit of bacterial vaginosis is Gardnerella vaginalis. This is a type of tiny coccobacilli spore that can reproduce
inside in the vagina and change the normal pH Alkaline/ acidic balance. Disruption of the genital microflora that results from
the overgrowth of bacteria leads to higher than usual acidity in the vaginal pH. Not every vaginosis infection is due to the
overgrowth of Gardnerella. Less often, other bacteria can cause infection too.

Is the infection a sexually transmitted disease or contagious, you might be wondering? Bacterial vaginosis can spread
between female sexual partners but generally cannot be passed from females to males. Because of this, men are not
treated for the infection as a precautionary step if their partner has vaginosis. However, avoiding sex is recommended during
infection and immediately after for a few days.

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