Preconception Care Introduction Ebook


What a beautiful gift and miracle of life – an opportunity to create another human being and provide them
unconditional love as their parent.

By picking up a copy of this guide, I know you are determined to do anything you can to enhance your fertility
and bring a healthy baby into this world. I just want to say thank you and congratulations you’re going to make
a wonderful Mumma.

For you and the dad of your baby, I have outlined important (unconventional) points to consider from the
moment you decide to have a baby and throughout the preconception phase, as well as the vital information
to empower you throughout your special pregnancy journey. This holistic nutritional and lifestyle guidance is
powerful to help you and your partner to create a healthy thriving baby.



What is Preconception Care?

Nutritional and lifestyle factors at the time of conception are known to play a significant role in the pathogenesis
and prevention of many reproductive failures, and are important determinants of embryonic and foetal growth.
The preconception phase is approximately 3-12 months prior to conception and is an important time for both
biological parents-to-be to strive for optimal health. By following a detoxification phase and focusing on
rebuilding and nourishing your bodies, you will be supporting your fertility, preparing for a healthy conception
and optimising the growth and development of your baby.

Did you know that the health of the male in a relationship can play a role in up to half of all infertility cases and
male infertility affects around 5% of men? In the lead up to planning for a baby, traditionally most of the focus
is spent on preparing the mum-to-be. At the time of conception however, the health of your future children is
determined equally on the health and genetics of both you and your baby’s father. It is therefore critical you
much energy on improving the health of your baby’s father, to enhance his overall health and optimise his
nutritional status for healthy sperm and therefore fertility.

Together you have the power to positively impact the fertility and health of your baby-to-be. By leading a
lifestyle which provides nurture and nourishment for your body, mind and soul, you are setting your baby up for
a thriving start to life.

Your (Mum-to-be) diet preconception is important to supply your body with adequate nutrients to support your
blood, bones, organs and tissues. By spending time nourishing your body during this preconception phase, you
are preventing depletions of your nutritional reserves as your baby grows, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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