Preconception Fertility Care Dietary and Supplement Support Ebook


If you are planning on having a baby, now more than ever is the time to address your dietary choices. By you
both nourishing your body with nutritious whole foods and drinks during this preconception phase, as a team
you can positively impact the overall health of your baby. According to this study, a healthy diet for both Mum
and Dad- to-be, has powerfully shown to lower the risk of birth defects.

You are (and your baby’s health is dependent on) both what you eat AND absorb. Supporting your gut health
is therefore crucial pre-pregnancy, to enhance the digestion of your foods and the absorption of their nutrients.
Good gut health also allows effective detoxification within your body. Additionally, a healthy microbiota within
your gut will nourish bubs with an inoculation of beneficial bacteria when he or she enters the world through your
vaginal birth canal (or is swabbed post a caesarean delivery).




Speaking about gut health, did you know that the health of your Mothers and Grandmothers gut, has contributed
to your very own? Although there are many factors which determine gut health, nutrition plays a powerful role in
providing generational gut and overall health support. Just as taking the oral contraceptive pill and antibiotics
can negatively affect your gut health, making diet changes to limit inflammatory forming foods and include
nourishing meals and drinks, can positively impact the environment in your gut, to pass onto your future children.
How can you nourish your body with nutritious foods preconception?

At a minimum of 3 months (optimally 6) prior to your planned conception month, it is beneficial to undertake a
4-6 week ‘reset’ dietary plan, to address detoxification, gut healing and overall hormones health, followed by at
least 3 months of rebuilding and nourishing your body, all to optimise your fertility.

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